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24 April 2014

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Last week I was on holidays with my family and we ended up at this amazing playground at Holkham Estate in Northfolk.

If you are ever in that neck of the words, check it out it is really cool.
At this playground they had a zip wire.

It was a huge wire set up from one platform with an improvised seat and the kids could zoom from one side to the other.

My daughter, Mia, look at this thing and was really keen to have a go as all of the other kids seemed to be having so much fun.

But she was really hesitant.

She was not too sure.

The thing that was holding her back...fear!

She was scared.

She was scared of falling off.

She was scared of not being able to do it.

But, with lots of encouragement, helping her on to the zip wire, holding on to her in the initial go, she did it.

And do you know what, she loved it!!

She was off. After every go she would run around to the back of the cue and waiting excitedly to go again, and again, and again.

And the favourite thing about the holiday...the zip wire!

She loved it.

But unless she got over her initial fear, she would never have gotten to that point.

It was only by concurring this fear, that she got to the pure enjoyment.

This is the same as starting any form of exercise.

The fear of starting always puts people off.

The fear of 'what if it is too hard?', 'what if I can't do it?', 'what will others say?', 'what if I fail?'.

It is this fear that stops people from even starting.

It is this fear that stops people getting to the good part. The enjoyment of moving better, looking better and feeling better about themselves.

So stop being fearful and start.

Btw, this is what the Yummy Tummies Blueprint can help you with.

It starts with baby steps and lots of gentle encouragement.

Because I know that, like the zip wire, once you get going you will love the experience.

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Remember bravery is doing something which is scary to you, but doing it anyway.

Take care,


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