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23 September 2013

Are you Aware?

If you are not aware of something, then how can you change it?

Most clients come to me wanting to change. Whether that be wanting to change their fitness, change their posture or change their physical appearance in some way.

For change to take place you always need a clear picture of where you are currently at and where you want to get to. Personally, I think my job is simple. I just make people aware of where they are at, find out where they want to get to, then make a plan in order for them to get there.

In my opinion the most important part of that process is creating awareness. I help people become more aware of their body and their health. It is through this awareness that people can begin to make real and substantial change.

Let’s put this in perspective. Let’s say that someone wanted to change their posture. Even if they were to train every day for one hour at a time, that’s really only seven hours per week. If that same person then went to work and sat at their desk in a slumped over position for up to ten hours a day. That fifty hours of bad positioning compared to seven hours of good positioning. I wonder which would win.

But imagine if that same person was to be aware of their sitting position at work and was to really focus on changing their posture for most of those ten hours? Then you would start to see change take place.

It is the same with nutrition. Some people are not aware of just how much junk they are putting in their bodies. They might think they have something a little bit bad every now and then, but when they actually take the time to write down everything they put in their mouths….

If you want to change your nutrition do this simple thing today, keep a food diary. Some studies have shown that people who actually keep a food diary are 30% more likely to be successful with any weight loss programme. If this is one of your goals, try it. It will make a difference.

Awareness is quite a simple thing. But without it there can be no change.

Take the first step to change today, become aware.

Take care,