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13 March 2013

South West London Personal Training

Are you looking for an effective way to train without having to go to sweaty gyms with lots of loud music and louder people?

Are you looking to achieve all of the benefits of working out without all of the inconvenience of leaving your house?

Then look no further. Equilibrium Personal Training are now providing a home personal training service where the personal trainers come to you. No longer do you have to queue up to use a machine. Your own home is now your gym. And don't worry if you don't have the space to work out at home, our team of trainers can take you to the closest park where you are guaranteed to get a good workout.

Our personal trainers will bring all of the necessary equipment in order for you to get a good workout and progress you closer towards your goals.
Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase muscle tone, increase strength or train for something more specific such as a marathon, our personal trainers are here to help.

We are now providing personal training services to the following areas:
South Kensington
West Kensington
Notting Hill

...and all surrounding areas.

Our trainer in this area is Joel. If want someone to get you back in shape, either in the comfort and convenience of your own hom, then contact Joel today.

Here is his story:

Fascinated in physical culture and bodybuilding since a young age, Joel's first real experience with fitness was at age 20, in a gym with all machines and no free weights. Not long after this, he started training at a more focused gym with advice from an olympic lifter and was even more hooked. Joel engaged in a lot of different physical activity over the years but weight training remains his first passion.

Early on, Joel realised that fitness gives the opportunity to connect to something you simply can’t connect to any other way. He believes, “The physical self has a powerful need to be lived, to be expressed, invested in and challenged, yet so often in the world we live in, the opposite happens, it becomes neglected, regarded as a disposable luxury, or otherwise misunderstood.”
Joel believes the physical being and experience is not in isolation to the mental or spiritual one, but is an integral part of the wellbeing of the entire person.

As a personal trainer, Joel enjoys being part of the dreams and goals others, also recognising their journey will inform his own. His own motivation comes from challenging himself and setting new goals, working with others to fulfil theirs, and the experience, enjoyment and connection fitness provides.

This journey has been in parallel to Joel’s different goals , first as a visual artist and then more recently as an actor, one of his favourite moments so far was appearing on stage in the play "Murder in Company”.

If you are tired with the gym and want to get back in shape, then give up a call today.

Or take advantage of our complimentary consultation so we can help you to make a plan of attack.