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16 March 2012

Is Posture Just for Old People?

A 23 year old client of mine said to me this morning ‘posture, isn’t that something I have to worry about when I get old?’

I thought for a moment that she was joking and having a laugh at my expense. But I then realised that she was deadly serious. If posture is something we only have to worry about when we get older, then why are there so many young people with bad posture?

So why is it that some, not all I am sure, young people think this way? Is it just their invincible nature, or a lack of knowledge?

So ok then, just what is posture? Posture is simply how the body positions itself in relation to each and every other body part. So good posture would be the position in which the body is aligned to work in the most efficient way in relation to all body parts. I think that is pretty important then, don’t you?

Then we look at movement. Movement is most effective when we start and finish in a position of good posture. So if we are starting in a poor position and finishing in a poor position, then surely the bit in between (the movement) is going to be pretty poor also.

Also, if we take this one step further and look at dynamic posture. This is simply how the body is aligned with each and every body part when we are moving. If we look at a runner for example. If someone is running with poor posture and their limbs are all over the place, their shoulders are rounded and their chest is slumped down, then they are not going to be very efficient at generating force into the ground to drive them forward. Also, they won’t be able to take a deep breath in to supply their body with oxygen to feed the body due to poor upper body posture.

If we then look at a runner with good posture. All of their energy is spent driving their feet into the ground in order to push them forwards faster with minimal stress on the rest of their body. Also if they are taking in more oxygen because their good posture allows a deeper breath without any restrictions, then more oxygen simply means more energy for longer.

This example can be used in any movement that we do. From bending down to pick something up, to an explosive power clean in Olympic weight lifting. If are not in the optimal position to perform that movement, then we are running the risk of injuring ourselves.

Poor posture equals poor performance!!

So in answer to my 23 year old client’s question ‘is posture just for old people?’ I think we all now know the answer to that question.

If you would like to have your posture analysed, please contact us.


7 March 2012

Meet Simon Flannery our Reflexologist

Please meet Simon, our reflexologist.
I can say from personal experience that his treatments are amazing. And I have travelled throughout South East Asia receiving treatments from some amazing people.

Here is his Story:

I graduated from Brunel University with a Sports Science degree in 1995. Upon completion I decided to spend 6 months travelling round South East Asia. Whilst in Penang, Malaysia, I walked into a small Reflexology centre and decided to have a session. I was amazed at how painful the experience was in areas which related to certain systems in the body being congested. I was so impressed that you could discover which areas in the body were under stress by applying pressure and massaging the feet in a certain sequence that I asked if they would teach me.
I spent the next 3 weeks going into their centre for 6 hours a day, observing and practising the technique with the 3 therapists there. The technique they specialised in was called Rho Shur, originating from Taiwan. Although I didn’t gain an official qualification, the technique I had learned was incredibly powerful.

On return to the UK, I entered the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. I realised that Reflexology complemented the physical aspect of my work, in terms of giving clients a holistic approach to health and fitness. I decided I needed to undertake a Reflexology course in this country to gain the formal qualification. This was done through the Phillip Salmon Reflexology School over the course of a year.

I have been practising now for 16 years treating clients for numerous stress related illnesses. These have varied from alleviating problems with digestion, high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia, poor circulation, fertility issues and clients recovering from major operations. More recently I have been working with clients recovering from breast cancer, as Reflexology helps boost the immune system which is compromised by chemotherapy.

The best people to talk about how good Simon is, is his clients:

"You cannot go wrong with his help. Doing exercises with Simon gives you energy and puts you in a good mood. He knows how to find the easy way to do difficult things. He taught me how to enjoy jogging - something which I hated before. Deep relaxation followed by strenuous exercises is a wonderful combination of tasks. That is why I definitely recommend his course of reflexology.Thanks to his efforts, I am now on top form and have become fitter and stronger." Marina

"Simon's reflexology sessions have been a saviour for me. I have benefited from Simon's treatment for over 18 months now. Somehow Simon seems to know exactly where the pressure points are in my feet and really works on relieving them. He also provides some very helpful recommendations on what to do about treating the pressure points longer term. Simon is the ultimate professional. Always positive, punctual, he is part of my inner group of friends who help me manage my stressful life. I could not manage without him!" Erem

"When I broke my leg recently reflexology from Simon was a massive help in promoting healing and I believe really speeded it up and improved my mobility. I must confess I was abit cynical about reflexology before this, but I am now a complete convert and continue to have it as often as I can. I always feel much better after sessions and sleep incredibly well."

To book a treatment with Simon, contact us here.


Reflexology at Home is Here!

Equilibrium has now launched Reflexology at Home.

We realise that people are always too busy to travel to us, so we decided that we should come to you. Relax in the comfort of your own home and benefit from the wonders of reflexology.
For those who are new to world of reflexology, here is a little background:

The roots of Reflexology are embedded in ancient history when pressure therapies were recognised as preventative and therapeutic medicine. A widely held theory is that Reflexology originated in China some 5000 years ago. However Egyptian and Babylonian cultures that developed before the Chinese contributed a valuable piece of historical evidence. They discovered in a physicians tomb a pictograph depicting a physician rubbing the hands and feet of his patients. Evidence has also been found that demonstrates that North American Indians have also performed Reflexology for generations.

Reflexology, like acupuncture, is concerned with balancing energy flow in order to stimulate the body’s own healing potential and restore a state of health. Reflexologists do not isolate a disease, nor work specifically on a problem organ or system. It works on the precise reflex points on the feet, based on the premise that these points correspond with all body parts. The goal is to create homeostasis, a state of balance in the body. Relaxation is the first step to normalisation.

So how much does this cost?
It is £75 per one hour session.

To find out more about our reflexologist click here.