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12 January 2012

10 Tips To Starting an Exercise Routine

At this time of the year the thought always tends to go towards losing a bit of weight, getting and a bit fitter and trying to lose those ‘silly season’ pounds. However, the hardest part of starting any exercise programme is just that, starting.

I have put together these ten helpful tips to help you to get started and hopefully achieve those New Years resolutions.

1. Set a specific goal. Don’t be too general with this. It’s no good just saying ‘I want to lose a little weight’, try saying ‘I want to lose 8 pounds by 8th March’. This way you will know exactly when you have achieved that goal.

2. Make a Plan. This seems pretty straight forward, but it is amazing the difference a specific plan written down on paper makes to you achieving that goal.

3. Review this plan every day. Make sure that you place this plan somewhere you can see it every day.

4. Be Realistic. Please don’t say that you are going to exercise every single day when you just cant possibly fit it in to your schedule

5. Do Something you Enjoy. If you don’t like running, simply don’t do it. You are more likely to stick at something that you really enjoy doing.

6. Be Consistent. It is all about doing a little bit but often. Don’t do too much on one day then spend the week trying to recover.

7. Record your progress. Keep an exercise diary, or chart, and write down every time you exercise to show you just how you are progressing.

8. Reward yourself. Set your self mini-goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. For example, in the first few weeks, if your goal is to exercise three times a week, then give yourself a little reward for achieving this.

9. Relax. That’s right, if you miss one day, it’s no big deal. It is what you do the majority of the time that counts.

10. Start! As the saying goes ‘every journey begins with a single footstep’. In order to get to where you need to go, you just need to take that first step.

Hopefully, this has helped to get you closer to your exercise goals for 2012. For any further advise, I can be contacted on 07957 152245 or lyndon@londonwellness.co.uk.


10 January 2012

Beat The Price Rise!

That's right, at the end of January the prices at Equilibrium Personal Training are going up.

Why is this you may ask? Well the answer is simply because of all of the costs involved in running this company has gone up.
It also coincides with the fantastic new gym being redeveloped at The Metropolitan Hotel in Mayfair, London. This is going to be a fantastic training space designed with you the client in mind. This is not a sweaty Healthy Club with lots of people posing in front of mirrors! This is a dedicated Personal Training Studio in which some of the best Personal Trainers in London can help you to move you closer to your goals.

If high level Personal Training is what you are looking for at 2011 prices, then contact us today. But be quick and beat the price rise!!