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9 September 2010
What is a Whole Body MOT?

The Whole Body MOT is the starting point with any Personal Training Programme at Equilibrium. We don’t believe in just writing a programme and starting from there. We need to work out exactly what exercises and going to be the best for your body.

Don’t worry, there is no pass or fail, it is just a starting point. At Equilibrium we believe that all Personal Training should be just that…personal! By working out exactly what exercises suit your body we are doing just that. We are providing a highly specific individual training regime for you to follow.

But what does the Whole Body MOT actually involve?

We start by having a look at your posture in a static position. This includes measuring your spinal curves to see if everything is in correct alignment. We also measure specifically the position on your pelvis to see how far forward or backwards it is tilted.

Then we conduct a dynamic postural assessment. We were designed to move, so that is how we assess what is actually going on with your body. Through this we can determine which muscles are working, which ones are doing too much work, and which ones need a bit of a kick-start!

With movement some muscles are designed to initiate the movement, some are designed to stabilise the movement and some are designed to slow the movement down. By analysing each and every movement we can work out how best to train your body.

If we break all movement down, we could classify each into a:

- Squat
- Lunge
- Push
- Pull
- Bend
- Twist

These are called Primal Movement Patterns which was developed by the CHEK Institute. If you look at all movement that we do in all activities and sports we could classify them into one or a combination of these Primal Patterns. These movements are taken apart to see how you do them to see which areas of your body need work. By work I mean improving the flexibility to perform these movements better, or strengthening up the muscles that provide the movement or strengthening the muscles that either stabilise or slow the movement down.

Sounds complicated, but when it is broken down into small components it is quite simple.

Who is the Whole Body MOT for?

It is for anyone starting a Personal Training Programme!

All of our Personal Trainers at Equilibrium don’t actually start any programming before conducting a Whole Body MOT. Anyone can write an exercise programme for someone, but it is not called Personal Training for nothing.
If an exercise programme is written without knowing how the body will cope with each and every exercise, do you think that programme would help that person reach their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible?

Hopefully, you answered no to that question…

- Athletes benefit from the Whole Body MOT immensely as they can maximise their physical performance by increasing the efficiency or their movement specific to their sport.

- Post Pregnancy clients benefit greatly as they re-activate their core muscles to tighten and flatten their abdominals and strengthen their bodies again.

- Office workers can also benefit by improving postural strength, activate their metabolism and improve their general wellbeing.

- Anyone who would like to look and feel better, and become stronger and healthier.

The list goes on…

As you can see, the Whole Body MOT is the starting point not just for Personal Training Programmes, but for all forms of exercise.

Personal Training is and should always be highly personalised with high attention to detail.

The price of the Whole Body MOT is £125

If you would like to speak to someone, or book in for your Whole Body MOT please contact Lyndon Littlefair at Equilibrium.